Questions about Capacitive Touch Slide Sensor(CY8C4014LQI)


I’m new to this forum!

I’ve bought some grove things for testing, and one of them is this capacitive touch slide sensor. I tried the demo and it’s working fine.

Now I want to be able to “set” values to the slider via I2C (instead of just reading), but seems to be not possible with current firmware. Does anybody know where can I find the source code for the firmware, or what else can I do?

I’ve been designing a dimmer for the stairway at home and it’s working fine, but I need something to control the dimming amount, and this looks like it! but as it’s now it’s not very useful. (Right now you press and when you stop touching, it resets to 0 again).



You mean, the dimming amount of the stairway of your home is controlled by the Arduino with Capacitive Touch Slide Sensor, and you want to set the value of sensor?

I have read the eagle file of this grove and unfortunately, the programmable pins of it are not available.

But if you just want to control the dimming, you do not need to write the grove, you just need to mollify your program to let it not turn off the light even if you do not touch the sensor.

Thanks for your response!

The issue is this: I’m managing the dimmering of the stairs by software, I made the software and the hardware for that, and I want these sliders to show the current dimming level so you can increase or decrease the amount by seeing them and moving your finger up or down.

Currently, you’re “blind”, until you put your finger on it, and when you move away your finger, the slider goes dark again. I want it to keep the value and also to be able to “set” the current dimming value by software.

I think it should be possible to program the IC that controls it… I want to have a bit more information about that, so I can play with it. I hope the company can provide me some more info, maybe I can provide a better program later so all of us can benefit!