[question] Grove Analog Servo only has 8 angles?

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The Analog servo just got 8 possible angles?
Starting with 0°, next 36° and in 18° steps up to 144°

Can you confirm?


The servo moves 1° per step from 0-180° using the sweep example in the Arduino IDE.It is tested with Arduino .

Thanks and Regards

Hi Kavi,

I’ve just tested with the following Python script on my Wio Link:

[code]import requests
import time

angle = int(0)

while angle < 180:
url = ‘https://se38-wio-1.se38.local/v1/node/GroveServoD0/angle/’ + str(angle) + ‘?access_token=c203b4fbe17e54a40f703ebe51ec30cc’
requests.post(url, verify=False)
angle +=2
Result: the Servo only moves the mentioned eight times. Maybe it’s a Wio driver problem?