[Question] Finger-clip Heart Rate Sensor Waveform

Hello Makers around the world.

I recently purchased a Finger-clip Heart Rate Sensor, which I liked quite a bit, but I find that only heart rate metrics is available. Is there any way to get the raw values from the sensor? Is there a way to reconstruct the heart beat waveforms using this sensor? I tried to look up more information on this topic without much success.

Maybe the firmware needs to be modified for this purpose.

Thank you in advance.


Yes, You can read the raw data without the support of STM32 I2C interface , Grove - Finger-clip Heart Rate Sensor is based on PAH8001EI-2G , we can use the PAH8001EI-2G I2C interface to read the raw data in order to that you need to make some alteration in the module ,


You can see that from provided schematic , the SCL is PAH8001EI-2G pin 15 and the SDA is PAH8001EI-2G pin 9 .

You can use a jumber wire and make conection to your master baord and read the data , for more deatils about the raw data aquasistion you can read the PAH8001EI-2G Datasheet.

Hello !
Would reading the raw data allow the bypass the 8sec delay in the bpm reading ?
thank you