[Question] Delete one Wio Link from Server?

After one Wio Link lost the connection to the server I somehow managed to register a third Wio Link in the Android App to my own Wio Server (Docker installation), although I only own two.

Is it possible to delete the unused Wio Link? Let it be within the App or directly in the server?

Got the answer myself: seems you only can delete a node via the API -> seeed-studio.github.io/Wio_Link/#delete-a-node (worked for me, but IMHO it also should be possible to delete a node with the app)

Hello uwe.fetzer I deleted a Wio on my Android app by swiping the node to the left then selected delete a couple of days ago. I have not tried since to confirm. I am also interested in your docker server . It would be great if you can document that on this forum. I would very much like to do the same.

Hello Philip,

“swiping”, ha, never thought of this. Thank you.

For my first server I’ve used the docker installation (as described here github.com/Seeed-Studio/Wio_Lin … ith-docker ) on an Ubunto Server 64bit VMware image.

Now my server runs on a Raspberry Pi 3. Will post my installation instructions here soon.


Here you are: viewtopic.php?uid=15497&f=72&t=6973&start=0
(this may also work on other Linux distros, except of the “ESP8266 cross-compile toolchain”, there you have to select the platform dependend file)