Question about Xiao ESP32S3

I have two questions,

  1. I don’t use Arduino IDE / libraries at all and only use ESP-IDF for programming.
    Can I use “ -p PORT flash” to flash the firmware on the Xiao ESP32S3 board?

  2. working on a project using Bluetooth (BLE) and want to use it without an external antenna.
    However, the distance from the device is within 50 centimeters. (almost within 30 cm)
    Is it possible to use it without an external antenna at such a short distance?


Hello, for your question 1 the answer is sure, you can import your project and use esp-idf to flash into your xiao board, and for your question 2 the answer is also sure, we have test by xiao esp32s3 with the tutorial here: Bluetooth for both versions | Seeed Studio Wiki, remember bond it first with your phone or other board, first bond and connect need them be closely when you do not install the external ipex antenna