Question about PCB dimension and silkscreen

Hi to all

I am using the Fusion PCB Service for some time now and i am very happy from the results. I have a technical question though about a PCB layout i am ready to order and i want to be sure that there will be no problem with it. I have placed a footprint of a 15pin D-SUB right angle connector on an edge of a schematic with the half of it out of the dimensions of the pcb. After taking the gerber files and open them with Gerbv i saw that the silkscreen of the port shows up and outside of the PCB dimensions. I assume that there will be a problem with that so can anyone offer any suggestions? I start looking for a different footprint but with no luck. Is there any way to remove the silkscreen from the footprint?


Don’t worry about the “outside” silkscreen, just leave it, it is not problem for producing.