Question about Grove I2C Motor Shield V1.1

Hello, I am a starter in this area. Recently I bought a board (Mega2560) and Grove I2C Motor Shield V1.1 trying to build a robot car, but I had few questions when assembling and testing.

Firstly, my connection method is similar with in DC motor Driving. The only difference is I connected SDA and SCL directly to Mega ports (20SDA ,21SCL). I want to if this is correct or not because I left GND and VCC empty! T T

Also, when I connected the shield with board and used the demo code provided in (BTW, stepperrun() is not defined and I decided to delete this part.), it did not work. And I noticed that all the lights were on which I think is not correct.
I did not know what was wrong, maybe it was the firmware? (I got the file of it only with a hex file and I did not know what to do with it.)

Hope that anyone with experience could help! Thanks a lot!


Sorry for the delayed reply.

1.You should also connect GND and VCC of I2C motor driver to arduino mega along with SDA and SCL.
2.The stepperrun is defined in the code in the following link

Please let us know if you have any other issues.

Thanks and Regards