Question about firmware and casing from DSO Nano

Hello :laughing: ,

I am from Germany and I will update my DSO Nano. I donโ€™t have a DSO Nano V2.
:unamused: The case of the DSO Nano looking as from a mp3 or video player. Does anyone know the name of the original player, that housing is used for DSO Nano? So we can buy a matching screen protector film that protects the entire surface.
:unamused: I also do not know which firmware libb version is to be used with which firmware app Version. Some firmware packages are complete with libb and app. My DSO write โ€œDSO201 โ€ฆ Ver. 1.5.20pโ€ on start. Which firmware is now exactly on my DSO? :wink:
How exactly do I get this firmware back to the DSO, if it is necessary, because I want also try other firmware. Can I make a backup of the firmware on the device? :question:

thanks for yor help :stuck_out_tongue:

first , you can Ref the follow topic to get some meterials:
and , you can not make backup of the firmware, every time you want to change your firmware you need to update it as the manual says.
and, i suggest you use the benf firmware which i really like: