Quantum tunnelling composite (QTC) for sensing touch / force

Can you investigate sourcing QTC “buttons” for use as a touch & force sensor?

A description of the technology is here: http://www.tep.org.uk/old_stuff/millennium_smart_qtc.html

An example of its use, on a robotic finger is here (the QTC sensor is discussed abotu 1/2 way down): http://letsmakerobots.com/node/14041

Here is a link to a former source, that now shows the product as discontinued: http://www.maplin.co.uk/DiscontinuedModule.aspx?ModuleNo=44202

This product/technology has amazing possibilities and virtual no availability. Perhaps it is more readily available in your market.

Thanks for the input!

We will be working on a new round of sensor modules and shields, will consider this feature.

A similar product (and probably more readily available) are the Flexiforce FSRs from Tekscan: tekscan.com/flexiforce/fsr.html

I heard Samsung and other major screen manufacturers are using QTC sensors in their products now/soon, so that may explain their lack of availability.