Quads arrive!

Hey —

300 Quads arrived at Seeed! Still need assembly and testing, but we are almost there everyone.

Check out their blog: seeedstudio.com/blog/2011/03 … ed-studio/


Yup, working over time now… :ugeek:

it is 6 April and order status is still in Backorder. when it will be delivered?

Shipping has started, my order switched to traceable this night.

singapore post?


what this means “Tracking -Despatched to Overseas Postal Admin” ?

I received mine yesterday!!!
Have been playing around with it a lot!
Menu system is a bit confusing… But I have the hang of it now.
Calibration(?) program still unclear on how to use it properly. Not getting the correct values when I’m measuring.

Very excited though!

Mine arrived today in Australia.
I didn’t get any digital probes though - just the 2 oscilloscope probes.
Did anyone else get digital probes?

No body has digital probes. Seed had problem with their provider of digital probes.
There is a coupon inside Quad’s package with a number to obtain free probes later on.

“Despatched to Overseas postal admin” probably means that the package has been sent to the postal system of the destination country, and that any further tracking updates will be visible on the destination country’s postal system’s website, if they have tracking, and when the package arrives in the country.

How do you ship to singapore? When I checkout “Registered Air Parcel” is $0. Is it safe and totally free? Do I need to pay any duties?