QUAD only works with USB, post/red is on bottom

I have my new/first quad. Seems like forever, but I have one. Ordered the week before fathers day as a gift for me.

I got the red light when I plugged it in yesterday and charged it over night (instructions said 1 hour or more and make sure red wire is closest to the edge). Got up this morning to calibrate it and it will not turn on. Plugged back in the USB and turned it on and it seems to work fine.

Any ideas on how to fix it? Maybe a way to test the battery and charger? When I leave it on the USB and leave it, it eventually goes off and the LED turns green. But it seems it is not charging.

The positive/red is on the bottom pin close to the edge of the unit.

Anybody. I mailed seeedstudio and no one has responded either?

The green LED does not mean the battery is full it actually means that the device has gone into standby mode… Yeah confused me for a while too. The “Brightness” of the RED LED indicates the state of the charge.

Bright = charging, less bright = charged, not too intuitive i think.

I know this has not answered your question sorry but i though it might help you with your investigations.

Cheers Pete.

I have a dim RED LED, so it is not taking a charge and I have the red battery wire on the bottom. Will check the connection one more time and hope someone contacts me on resolving it. Thanks for you help Pete.

leave out the LED , let’s we check the cause of your Quad not working the battery.

  1. please open the back cover of Quad, you have done this work when you installed the battery.
  2. after charging for about 1h, please check the output the battery(the red wire or the pin close to the edge.), to check voltage .it should be about 3.7v

Thanks Hugeman,

I have 0 volts on the battery. And I have 4.6 volts, positive pin to ground shield in battery compartment.

So power coming out, more than 3 volts though, could not get two probes in the little connector to see voltage there. But no power from the battery at all.

At this point I would check the battery voltage where the wires connect to the battery. Your symptoms sound like an open circuit. If the battery was shorted out, then the charge light should be bright red. Maybe there is a bad connection at the battery connector or at the battery wire connection.

The wire is crimped in the metal and the other ends are soldered to a circuit board. I will have to remove the tape to test them for continuity. If that will not void the warranty I can do that. But I see there is a board in there that could have a problem or the battery, I can see the taps on the battery.

Also, can I take a pot and put it on the charge pins and swing it from say 5K down slow and I should see the LED get brighter like it is charging? Then I know it is the battery.

Next question, how to I contact seeedstudio for another battery or unit? I mailed them off the contacts page and no response for days. I use the scope today, just with no battery it is a pain.

This would not be recommended, it is too easy to short out the charging circuit.

You could try sending HugeMan a private message addressing the problem.


This venture for me has been more time that I wanted to spend on getting a working unit and support. I know you have trouble reading my emails.

I emailed your guy (as you PM’s me to do) a couple days ago and have not heard anything back from him. Can you have him check his email please. I really would like to use this thing in the field and in use.

At this point, I would be very happy to take a refund if that is an option, as I am not happy with the support of a DOA/bad_unit?

sorry. i have remind him for this issue, i am sure you will get a fine answer right away.

i believe you have get help from seeed colleague :sunglasses: