PWM driven Speed controller

I am currently working on plans to make an R/C controlled car based around arduino. I know this isn’t anything new but I thought it would be fun. Then once i have it pretty solid, I want to scale it up to an R/C controlled 1 to 2 person go-kart.

In my initial design phases of laying out the stuff i need i realized that it would be closer for scaling if i used pwm driven speed controller for the small version, so when i scale, the codebase will be close to, if not, the same between versions.

I want to not buy any commercial products to keep costs down (less the seeduino for now) so I am looking to build (and fab through seeed) a speed controller. I have found several links and articles so i have some reading to do but has anyone created a speed controller, or have you seen any good projects that create them?

I have seen a few diy projects so i am going to look into those as well but i thought i would get some insight from a community to help point in the right directions. There are plenty of basic schematics out there and there are even some more technical and advanced ones but I am first looking to understand whats going on rather than just try and mimic a project and then be stuck in the dark when it fails.

has anyone created their own speed controller? and do you have any tips, or any jewels of info you wish you knew before you built yours?

Can’t say I’ve done anything like that, but sounds like a cool project, though you’d be at the mercy of the RC opperator :smiling_imp: