Puzzled about my DSO

Hello guys!

I’m not sure which version of the firmware I have. The bootloader says 3.26D while the bootscreen says 4.21. The DSI does have a micro SD slot.

I do want to upgrade the device. Can anyone tell me what would the correct benf version would be?

Thanks in advance!


Edit: Nevermind about the version, this thread helped me out: viewtopic.php?f=22&t=4632

Still wondering about a suitable benf firmware tough :slight_smile:

Same as mine, doesn’t seem to be any way to upgrade to the benf firmware at the moment.
See this thread …

Same here.
The seller wrote “DSO NANO Hardware 1.6 + Paul’s Firmware 1.5”.

What is Paul’s Firmware 1.5? At web I found it’s a third party firmware? Where can I get it? Or is Ver4.21 already this “third party” firmware? If so, where can I get the original firmware?

Actually I decided to use the Benf Firmware. But it’s not possible at the moment, as I read in different threads here. :frowning:. I suppose I have to sent it back.

Here, minidso.com/bbs/read.php?tid=408 DS0201 Firmware Update :sunglasses:

I don’t see any “Paul’s Firmware” at that site? I already tried out FW Ver4.22, but nothing changed.