Purple Data Trace

I’ve searched the web and can’t find an answer to my problem that works for me so can anyone help?

I’ve just bought a nice cheap DSO201 with firmware V3.26A on it. I’d rather not go through the bother of putting different software on it if possible (I’m using a Mac and it all seems something of a pain) but I would very much like to get rid of the dreadful purple Reference Wave. I’ve changed the Y and X ranges and feel I’ve tried everything but still that annoying purple trace is taking up the whole screen.

If anyone has any good way of getting rid of it I’ve be very grateful.

Apart from that annoyance it’s a cracking piece of kit and the firmware is adequate for my simple requirements.

Many thanks


Can you upload the image of the DSO Nano display? I want to see what your display is. Maybe I know the reasion is. Thank you ! :smiley:

As I have written to stefanu123’s topic before,
You can reduce the purple line by following.

Use “Load Dat” command and load an empty wave data.
To make an (almost) empty data, connect probe +and- directly and save as 000.dat.

The limitation of this approach is, you have to do it at every boot.

Hi hightlight EX press left key until it says OFF press top right key hold in, press again to save, should do it Fred