Purchasing motor replacement for Hercules

Hello, I’ve purchased an Hercules platform over at RobotShop.com this week; I know the question is better asked there, but Seeed Studio is the creator of this kit.

One of the motors has absolutely no torque. I’m willing to buy a replacement for it, but I’m not seeing this type of motor for sale either here or at RobotShop. Is there any way I could purchase a replacement motor for the Hercules? It’s one without the encoders. I’ve also asked technical support, but I figured I might as well try here too: I really don’t want my 200$ investment to go completely to waste because of this.

Thank you very much!

Just found out the same thing is happening to one of my motors also. i was wondering if you ever got a hold of a new motor or if you were able to fix the problem yourself. Thanks for any info you have

It was an internal problem in the motor so i separated the gear housing from the actual motor. (Becareful if you do this. Hold the motor with the wires up and and make sure you have a hand to catch the housing because the gears are small and can easily fall out.) The gear that runs between the front of the housing and the back is actually two gears. I guess in manufacturing they did not get pressed together well enough, causing the smaller gear to spin inside of the larger one. I used epoxy and put a small amount on and let it set up, put the whole thing back together and the motor worked fine after that. I did contact SeeedStudio and told them my problem and they were a great help and are sending me a new motor that should be here soon. Hope this helps someone out because i sure could have used the heads up.

where would I purchase a motor replacement?