Public Question for BenF

Hey BenF,

Thank you for all of your (free) hard work in improving the original firmware to the DSO Nano (v2)! You’ve made it much more usable and easy.

So I’d like to know if there is an easy way of donating some money to you as thanks for helping a good product with a lot of potential. Perhaps others will be willing to give you a little gift too (otherwise, I’d have just PM’ed you!)

Also, who are you and why are you so good at programming oscilloscope features?!?!


Monetary gain was never a motivating factor when taking on this project and so is not expected nor desired on my part. Your appreciation as expressed here will do just fine.

I have no professional history with developing oscilloscopes, but a master’s degree in science, a passion for microcontrollers and lots of experience with commercial product development helps. The firmware was born from a need to diagnose a friend’s outboard with ignition problems. Due to issues with the stock firmware, I could not get what I needed from the Nano and opted to customize the firmware. This development went quite a bit further than expected, but I don’t like to leave things half done.

i feel the same way on that one- ben is a rare kind of person, its nice to know good people still exist