Protoshield Kit for Arduino - Soldering / Breadboard

I’m a complete newbie and just finished my first project. It is very simple and consists mainly of a 5V relay and an LED. I want to put it into an enclosure and thought a good way to do it is to solder it to the protoshield and stack it on top of my Arduino.
I read the wiki page and searched online but most assembly tutorials end with sticking a mini breadboard on top of the protoshield. In my case I would like to solder my components onto the shield itself.
My newbie question: Are the holes on the board connected in the same way as a breadboard? if not how do I make a connection from my soldered 5V relay pin to the LED for example?

Thanks in advance for your help and suggestions.


The holes on the Protoshield it not the all in the same way as a breadboard. Actually, you can refer to the schematic of this module, and there is a interface instruction on the our wiki.

Hope this will help resolve your issue.


Thanks that was very helpful.

When I add components to the protoshield what would be the best way to connect them (for example if I have an LED and need to connect it to a resistor)?
I googled and found some suggestions like a “solder bridge” or using a wire on the underside of the board.
I was not able to find a good explanation/tutorial or video.
Does anybody know and could provide a link or explanation?

Thanks in advance!