Protoshield header layout

I’m new to Arduino / Seeed. I have an UNO R3 and a Seeed relay shield, which work great. I purchased a Seeed Protoshield kit to use as a breakout between the Uno and the relay shield. Here’s where the trouble begins.

In determining the location to solder the headers, I referenced the wiki article for the Protoshield (v1.0). Conveniently, this shows where to solder the headers. However, I’m finding that the female header on top of the protoshield, for digital pins 8-13, is mis-aligned with the standard Arduino pin locations. Thus another shield wouldn’t fit atop the protoshield.

Am I missing something? Or is this a design feature? And most importantly, how can I use this shield as a pass-through shield?

That should not can put the relay shiled on top of Protoshiled , please see the attach photo.
Any problem with your shiled ?


I had the same issue. Not clear why they did that since they had the adjacent rows with the right spacing. /K