Proper way to take control of PA18, PA19 on SAMD21's XIAO with CirqutPython

Hi. First - Thanks for the small XIAO board. It’s a real gem.
I have however some questions about the use of onboard RX/TX LED’s.

My project needs two more outputs (for LED’s) so I need to configure the SAMD21 pins 27 & 28 (PA18 & PA19) to PWM Output instead of the default Timer setting - under CirquitPython!

I have seen it done under the Arduino IDE, but I have not been able to make it work under CirqutPython because there is no access to those settings (at least to my knowledge).

Can it be done (and how) or this requires custom CirqutPython assembly?

It would be VERY NICE if there was more board pads from the SAMD21 pins available…like PB02, PB03 for instance :wink:
Regards: TM