Propaganda board sizes

In the dox is says that the max size for a propaganda board is 10 by 10 cm. This would then make my 3 by 16 cm board not “propgandable”. :frowning:

I think that restricting the boards size to max 100 cm2 would be better than limiting the size to 10 cm in any direction.

Is this limitation a matter of ease of panelization?


I had the same question. My board is literally millimeters over the 5cm x 5cm limit so I would have to move up to the 10cm bracket unless I can shrink my board down (it’s already pretty darn compact so I’d rather not). How rigid are these limits?

Hi guys,
Yes, the size is not suitable for many projects.
But it is generate by our PCB factory, we must obey it.
And the square PCB is easy to panelize…

I suggest that the information on the website should make this clearer. I was wondering too–I’ve been thinking of a board 2in x 5in, which is less than 100 sqcm, but it wouldn’t be acceptable.

You could say: “Board must fit within a 10cm square” or “Longest dimension must not exceed 10cm” or something like that.

And are there restrictions on board shape? Cutouts etc?