Project grove airquality sensor connected to neopixel ring Adafruit 16X

I’m working on a project for school but as this is my first experience with arduino, there are a few difficulties on which I need some help.

The plan was to make a lamp with different colors indicating the air quality in the room. green, yellow, orange and red are the four categories. For the programming I downloaded the libraries needed.

But there are a lot of questions for which I can’t seem to find an answer.

How can you ‘read’ the values from the grove air quality sensor and how can you link these values to the neopixel ring?

I had problems with turnin on all the lights from the neopixelring, but is it possible to program all the lights at once or do you need to number them?

Is there someone willing to help me build up the programming from scratch or can anyone give me some tips? Or is there a proffesional or someone who can work with arduino who really wants to get in personal contact to help me out?

kind regards!

You can simply read the Air Quality using the provided example sketch with the Grove_Air_quality_Sensor library, and depends on that with a simple if or switch statement you can change the neopixel ring.

If you are new to neo pixel and air quality sensor, the try the example sketch which comes with the module then after combine both sketches.

all the best. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you Salman!
I’ll definately try that and update tis post with my progress