programmer not responding error - any solutions


Bought a seeeduino to replace the basic stamp I’d been using and had a brief play a month ago to familiarize myself with it, it worked fine and seemed a reasonable alternative to the stamp. Just got the seeeduino back out of its box and it now refuses to upload and gives the

avrdude: stk500_recv(): programmer is not responding
avrdude: stk500_recv(): programmer is not responding


Is there a fix for this- had a look at previous forums and can’t see a simple solution listed. Don’t really want to get too far into rebuilding the board - just want a product that works.

I’ll be using the board for a gallery installation that is up for 2 months and need to be confident that the board is stable.

Alternately does anyone know a contact for seeeduino studio to get a replacement board?

I’m using a macbook pro osx 10.5.8

many thanks Richard

I’m sorry it is not working well.
Would you please tell us what’s Seeeduino did you used(Seeeduino V328/V2.12)?
Please tell us when did you purchase it, and your order number?
Please try to fix it as these pages:
before your burn bootloader to it, please read out the Seeeduino Fuse setting and tell us.
Seeeduino V2.12:
Seeeduino V328:


HI there,
thanks for getting back to me, the seeeduino is:

v2.12 04/24/09 no other serial numbers, ( the chip is labelled as an atmel 168 but it doesn’t confirm this in the board)

I bought it from Cool Components (Order Number: 708749 05/04/2010)in the UK but believe the fault is with the manufacturer not the supplier.

Had a look at the links and to be honest I’m not sure what the procedure for ‘burning the bootloader’ is. I’m not particularly willing to spend valuable time on a product that is obviously faulty or supplied not fit for use. I’ve looked through various posts and ‘solutions’ that made little or no sense in english! Hence my post here.

Hope there is a workable option to get a replacement, any ideas??


I’m sorry, we have not provide you a good Seeeduino.
Yes, we can send you a replacement, would you please send your fault Seeeduino back to us by air mail? we will refund you the shipping cost.

Address as:
#0728, Bld 5, Dong Hua Yuan,
NanHai Ave. NanShan dist.
Shenzhen 518054 China
tel number: +86-0755-26407752

Please send your package picture to my eamil: albert.miao(at)
please modify the (at) to @.
after we confirm your have send it back, we will send you a New Seeeduino to you immediately.