program stalker v3 without UARTsBEE?


I just bought the Seeeduino Stalker v3. But now I realize that I need a UARTSBee as well!
Is there another means of programming the Stalker than with UARTsBee?

I hope so, because I don’t want to pay more shipping for just that one item.

If you had a Seeeduino that will be ok.
You need to connect tx(rx) of seeeduino to stalker,
and the switch which more closer to USB turn to M,
then click Upload of Arduino IDE, then press the reset button of stalker,
release it when compile done, then you can upload code to your stalker.

Hi, I’m thinking about the same. Adafruit has Bluetooth EZ Link, but I’m only into Seeed products :slight_smile:. Can be something like this be used?

The idea is: PC with Bluetooth 2.0 SPP profile support - Seeeduino with BLE 2.0 or 3.0 SPP will connect to PC and SPP service creates a new virtual COM port. Now you can program from Arduino IDE, but wirelessly or online. Imagine the possibilities for IoT to have something like this for every Seeeduino. Like FTDI over Bluetooth :wink: