Program Stalker V2 over bluetooth with Bee?

I am a complete noob. I haven’t even bought any hardware yet as I am still trying to figure out what will fulfil my requirements the best.

I need to put together a project to operate a relay based on temperature and another based on humidity. I also want to log (with timestamps) temperature and humidity every 5 minutes. Wireless communication to a PC will be added some time later.

Initially I was looking at an Arduino Uno and then a whole lot of components to do this. It seems to make a lot more sense to go for the Seeeduino Stalker v2. The question I have is - Instead of having to get a uartsbee to program the stalker, can I use a bluetooth bee connected to the board’s bee series socket for programming?

It would suit me much better than having to buy a uartsbee for programming and then later a bluetooth bee when I want to add wireless communication to the project.

It is impossible to use bluetooth bee for wireless programming.

That’s a pity. Could you possibly explain why?

There’s no way to use Bluetooth Bee to reset the ATmega.

Ok. Sorry, I’m a total noob so please bare with me - does that mean I could upload a sketch through the bluetooth bee and then manually reset the Seeeduino? Hope that’s not a terribly stupid question and thanks for the responses thus far!

No, I don’t think that will work. It’s difficult to control when you should reset the arduino.
You may have a reference to how to use xbee to make wireless programming.