Progaganda Kits Idea (Draft)

Hi Guys:

Sorry for spending too long time breeding the idea. There are many factors to integrate for a service rather than a simple commodity retailing.

For example, a Kits designer decided to build 20 kits for a start, she/he/it should provide the documentation and deposit for us to initiate the service. For 10$ basic cost plus the IC, customized manufacturing, and etc which is 2.5$. So the initial deposit is 250$. Then we list for preorder (optional), 22.5$ you say. Depends on the feedback, we will go producing and distribute the kits. As the 20 kits are sold out, we will return the deposit 250$ and profit of 22.5*20-12.5$*20=200 USD.

Attached is the draft process for your inputs:
Propaganda Kits Process_draft.jpg

Looks pretty interesting… From what I can tell you can do fully assembled as well?

What about partial assembly? Say mounting for fine SMT items (such as ATMega?)

A “One size fits all” fee for assembly does not seem like it will work for all product.

The assembly is just a rough quotation. Need to find the balance between complexity and convenience. Thanks!

Updated version:

  1. More details
  2. Remove pre-order process
    Propaganda Kits Process Concised.jpg


So correct me if I am wrong… but is this a correct breakdown of costs?

Unit price would be $8 + the price of the other components?

Sounds interesting, but it seems like you must have a proven PCB design, especially if you are going to do assembly.