Product Testing | IP66 Dustproof and Waterproof Testing of SenseCAP, Seeed’s Industrial IoT Products for Smart Agriculture

SenseCAP LoRaWAN products are designed for outdoor severe environments, the materials need to be durable and robust for long-time deployment in outdoor remote sensing scenarios such as Smart Farming, Smart City, weather stations, and other IoT applications that need low-power, long-distance, and long-term data collection.

And the IP rating of these products is IP66, featuring (1) dust-tight, no ingress of dust within 2 to 8 hours; and (2) waterproof, water from heavy seas or water projected in powerful jets shall not enter the enclosure in harmful quantities.

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Are you curious about how we can make sure the products meet the industry standards? Here is the latest blog post that walks you through a small part of SenseCAP’s journey of IP66 testing: dustproof and waterproof testing.