#Product Idea# SeeeduinoXIAO Functional Expansion Board Design - Waiting for Inputs

How do you like to have a functional expansion board for SeeeduinoXIAO?
Which version of design do you prefer?
Or you have better idea?
Do not hesitate to tell us!

Waiting for you valuable opinion…

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Hi @ming.wen Thanks for asking suggestion :upside_down_face:. For me V2 feels better utility, which gives extra 4 gove connector . and what about the LED? Is it is Neopixel (ws2812b) or standard single color led?

I am not a big fan of the circular form-factor.

Does the expansion board include a SWD connector for debugging?

Hi, Salman. V2 has 4 extra Grove connector but have a bigger size (60mm instead of 50mm). How do you like to have the bear ears on V2, or prefer to have a normal circle shape board?
LED is designed to be RGB LED and could change colors, which definitely gives more possibility and have more fun to play with. You could see our Grove - RGB LED Ring (20 - WS2813 Mini)
Thanks for your detailed reply, stay tuned~

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Hi, Reivilo. A good news is Grove Shield for SeeeduinoXIAO with 25*58mm slim rectangular shape is about to enter mass production period, and hopefully you could see it on the Bazaar in June.
This version is main designed for wearable senario and with more on board functions.
May I know what factors prevent you from choosing a circular form board?
We will seriously consider to add a SWD connector, and just do not hesitate to let us know any of your thoughts on its design.

Thanks for the replay @ming.wen, bear ears on V2 is nice for PCB badges and all.

Haha! Each bear ear are designed to have a M3/M2 hole to enable easy assembling, which make them functional ears :smile:

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@ming.wen It is just a matter of preferences and use cases. A circular form factor uses a lot more space due to the lost part. But I understand it may fit well wearable use cases.

I prefer the 25*58mm Grove Shield for SeeeduinoXIAO and will place an order when they are available.

Adding a SWD connector would be great, as debugging is almost mandatory for advanced projects made possible by such powerful MCU.

@reivilo We will seriously take your advice into consideration. Thanks for sharing your insights, and we will update as long as Grove Shield for SeeeduinoXIAO released. Stay tuned~