Product has not arrived, no answer to emails...

I am extremely frustrated with this company. I have sent several email’s trying to get a hold of someone who can look into my order. Order date was 20 August, 2012. I tracked the package via the Hong Kong post website, and it claimed it was returned to sender because of invalid address. I do apologize because I did enter the wrong address, but have since updated my info to the correct address. If I go into my order by the way (57350), and track my package via the Hong Kong post website again, it says my item arrived at the delivery office on Sep 14th, 20120. Does this mean it was re-shipped, and is currently en-route to the U.S.???

Clearly they do not care about their customers, or their reputation. Quite possibly the worst customer service I have ever experienced. Definitely sending a dispute to paypal to get my money back.

Hello, anybody???

We had the same problem placed an order for 30pcb’s (5cmx5cm) on the 14th September.
Have filed a dispute on PayPal and that has gone unanswered as well.
Its quite poor considering its a good little service, that if reliable would serve our R&D business quite well.

I don’t get it. Its like they pick and choose who they respond to. Some threads get responses, others don’t.

Its not just that.
Right from the beginning they wouldn’t update the tracking information.
Normally the AWB# is given by DHL when you call to have it picked up.
Here on two occasions I got the letter in the mailbox saying I missed a delivery before the tracking number was even updated.
That was really crap because on both cases it was Friday and I actually work near the depot so I could have picked it up before going home if I had the tracking number.
So I paid for an expedited service and then had to wait an extra 4 days to get it.
I don’t know if they are just so busy or its one guy and he is either a) overwhelmed or b) doesn’t care!

I’ve got an other post on here that was actually replied to about the PCB not being delivered.
They apologized and asked me to resend files to a certain address but I did what they said and I have still not heard back form them.

hi customer,

your order was returned back to us on 12 of October, please conatct, we will resend it at once.

My name is Liao and I am the market director at Seeed. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience caused. I checked with the Customer Service team, and was informed you placed order #59242 on September 14th and it was completed on October 10th. There are 2 reasons lead to this unacceptable delay.1)The guy who be responsible for the PCB order processing resigned in September. We don’t find the right replacement in time, which lead that there were many orders accumulated in the waiting queue. 2) From October 1th - 8th, we have a vocation for the National Days.
For the tracking number, we normally upload it to our system as soon as we collect it from the carrier. This might take 2-3 days after we arranging the shipment. If we ship on Friday, there might be 2 days more needed.
I can understand your anger. And I know there are a lot of aspects need to improve. But we never ignore our customers. On the contrary, we treasure every customer. We believe your triumph is our success. We will do best to prevent this happen again and improve the service ASAP.
Now, everything is back to the right path. Would you please let me if you still need these boards? We could ship to you for free.

Sorry for the week communication. For urgent/ important issue, please email directly.
I checked your order just now. It was placed on August 20th and shipped on August 23th. The parcel arrived in US on September 14th and wasn’t able to be delivered because of the wrong address. We got the return notification on October 16th(Only when the parcel was returned to Hongkong, we can get the notification) .
Actually, we will reship after getting the notification(the notification only means the parcel was returned, but not guarantee we can receive the return).
We will arrange the reshipment today.

Sounds familiar. I sent a PCB order through, and then sent the PCB files, and after several weeks of emailing and responding using the web page, I have no indication what is happening with this order (61291). Zero response.


Sorry for the delay and week communication. Your order was in production. Could you please let me know which e-mail address you was connecting? I will check with team why they don’t get back with you. We are also integrating the ticket system to make sure every inquiry was tracked.