Probs talking to Seeeduino Stalker 1.0 over TTY serial

K… I’m not new to Arduinos… but I was given a Seeeduino Stalker (v1.0) by someone and I’m having problems getting the Arduino IDE to talk to it (avrdude actually)

I got broke out the serial connector, have hooked up TX->RX, RX->TX and GND-to-GND… shorted the DST/CST lines… checked my /dev/ttyUSB0 perms (using a standard USB/232 adapter), but it no talkie. IDE is set to /dev/ttyUSB0 and board Decimilia w/168.

No probs with any of my other Arduino units (Uno, ZIFduino, 328s, etc).

Does this thing need something “Special” set up to talk to it over standard serial? Forced reset at upload maybe? (tried that a few times)


Dear Tweeks,

Best way is attach your photo here to let us know how you connect.
And remind you that you didn’t talk about Stalker VCC, did you connect?

IDE should choose correct COM and Board.
RX, TX try to exchange.
Hope can help you.