Problems with the Wifi Shield V1.1


I am writing to hear if any of you have a solution to the problems i am encountering with my Wifi Shield V1.1 (
There are two different problems;

The first problem i am encountering whenever i try to run any of the example programs. They connect well to the iPhone-hotspot, but after 20-30 seconds it will disconnect. Every single time. 20-30 seconds of being online, and then boom, disconnected, and have to restart the program and the cycle.

The other problem came when i tried solving the first. I read that i could try updating the firmware on the board by using the update tool. It went ok(ish) but didn’t say firmware update succesful. Now i am on 4.4.1 (i think) firmware, and this is even worse than before. I tried hard resetting like in this guide ( … leshooting), but it didn’t work. I just got the error code “web_app not found”.

Does anybody have a possible solution to this problem?

Thanks in advance,