Problems with reTerminal E10-1 - Expansion Board

I am having problems getting a M.2 2280 1GB SSD to work with E10-1. I already have a reTerminal and it works. I tried to use the instructions on the wiki ( reTerminal E10-1 - Seeed Wiki ) but these seemed to be incorrect and incomplete.

The example shown for the Hard Drive Expansion only shows that the internal eMMC drive is available and that is what I get. The command "sudo dd if=/dev/sda3 of=/dev/null bs=512k count=500 " Fails.

Please advice how to correct this. Please also include complete instructions to install a M.2 2280 SSD including all procedures from detecting the SSD to partitioning, formatting and mounting the SSD.

Please include similar instructions of a Mini PCLi SSD. I also attempted this but it failed.

We recommend downloading gparted for hard drive management, which will be much faster.

This answer does not address the issue. The example shown even without using GParted is incorrect - please acknowledge and correct. Gparted is not the whole solution. Compared to alternative products I havbe used such as Desktop Pi (Element 14) or the Argon Case the documentation and support from Seeed is terrible.

The wiki should be written in error, the SSD should be connected to the M2 slot instead of the mini pcie