Problems with moisture sensors

Currently, I am having some problems during the implementation of the project “ARDUINO AUTOMATIC WATERING SYSTEM FOR PLANTS SPRINKLER”. The TH-50K Moisture Meter used in the project always displays the default humidity index of 1023 whether the soil is moist or not. Can anyone help me to see if this is a halogen sensor or is it the wrong schematic design.

I refer to the implementation at the address: <LINK_TEXT text=“ … or-Plants/”></LINK_TEXT>

Hi Customer, We suggest just connect the moisture sensors and then use the standard code to test it and see if the serial output is correct. do you mind taking picture about the moisture sensors? so we can check if we have and then test the code for you. thanks.

Seeed techsupport team


I also checked the serial output is in its perfect order or not, But after that, I also face the same issue regarding the sensor of moisture, I have already tested the code also, but in that, there are some error showing, please suggest a suitable answer, if you need any help you may get help from Canon printer technical support


The mositure sensor is just a very simple sensor. It just has three components:a S8050 triode、a GROVE connector 、 two 100Ω resistance.It gets moisture information by measuring resistance value between two legs .Please check your sensor and code if they are correct.

Hey thanks for this