Problems with Arduino and XIAO BLE nRF52840


I bought the board today and used the “Getting started” Wiki to upload the first sketch (blink) to the board. I get this error message:

fork/exec /Users/michael/Library/Arduino15/packages/Seeeduino/hardware/nrf52/2.6.1/tools/adafruit-nrfutil/macos/adafruit-nrfutil: permission denied
Error compiling for board Seeed XIAO BLE - nRF52840.

i have no idea what I did wrong

Does somebody has any idea ?

I use macOS Monterey on a MacBook Pro M1 and Arduino 1.8.16 and 2.0 RC7. Both have the same problem.

In this case you may need to turn off SIP on your Apple computer or adjust the security policy and try again.