Problems when I calibrate CH B volts

I have recently received my new DSO Quad and I have updated the firmware to date 2011-06-17. My problems are when I calibrate CH B volts, I start with grounding the pin and auto cal is done. I then start with 50mv (300mv) up to 0.5v (3.00v) finding as I increase the input voltage on each cal the gap to set the voltage on the DSO takes longer to set. As soon as I get to 1v (6.00v) It displays zero so have to keep my finger on the navigator and ramp up and down the input volts until I get a reading in the cal box. This continues all the way the voltage cal up to 10v (60v). After the calibration is saved it is no surprise that the calibration is getting very high readings on the DSO compared to the volts input to CH B.

This is not the same for CH A as this seams to work but still I can not get it to be within or around the voltage input. Its no way as bad as CH B but wish I could get it to a closer reading. The calibration works ok and I have to only increase the input voltage on each cal using the navigator for a short time.

Can you advise if the CH B may be faulty or is it other and how can I get CH A better. Thank you

it seems the 1-10V channel for chB is broken. you may need to replace it .
please check your PM i sent you.

Found out that s2 cpc1017 is not working so the AC cap was on. shorted cap out and now can calibrate CHb. Having a look at replaent IC now.