Problems setting up the NFC Shield board to an 8051


we’re using an 8051 as the microcontroller and want to use the
PN532 in tag emulation mode. (Section 4 in Manual: ISO/IEC14443-4 PICC emulation concept)

So we’re having problems figuring out how to connect the
power to the (NFC) board. How do we setup the board properly?
So far we’ve tried connecting 3.3V to VCC and 5V to the 5V port in the power jumper,
but the chip doesn’t respond to any command we send to it. Is there anything we can do to check whether
the board has been setup properly? We could have accedentally fried it and we just don’t know yet.

thank you

Did you see the principle diagram on wiki . There’s NFC shiled board pins are connected to 8051?

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