Problems regarding S8550 and S8050 drive circuit

I’m a novice and I just made a picture. The PCB I used before was a single-sided board. The production was more troublesome, so I changed it to a double-sided patch.
The field effect tube is driven by S8050 and S8550 pairs of tubes, and the single-panel plug-in is always good
The S8050 and S8550 field effect transistors used on the double-sided board will burn out as long as they are started with load, and the MOS tube will burn out for a long time with the in-line S8550 and S8050
Later, the S8550 was removed and it was okay to use in-line or patch, but it was still a problem.
Could anyone give me some suggestions?
And here is for the detail info of S8050 in the article:

Thanks a lot!