Problems getting information from LoRa E5 devices - terminal configuration problem?


I am having problems getting information from LoRa E5 devices:

  • E5 Mini
  • Grove Wio-E5
  • Wio-E5 development kit

I have tried connecting from Linux, Mac and Windows using screen, and minicom.

If I put in AT I get

+INFO: Input timeout

But this is all I get for anything else like AT+ID

However if I connect using Arduino Serial Console, it behaves as expected.

What do I need to do with screen to make it behave the same as Arduino Serial Console?

are you sure your screen/minicom is configured to send properly the CR and/or LF after your command ? AT command have to be validated by the usual cr/lf :wink:

Thanks, I have duplicated what the Arduino serial console is using, which is 9600 8-1-N LF, but I still get exactly the same result.

have you tried to cross TX and RX in your wiring ?
have you checked minicom is not configured with a special terminal profile ?