Problems connecting Bluetooth Shield to Galaxy Tab 2

I’m trying to connect the Bluetooth Shield to my Galaxy Tab 2. I use the tutorial from the Seeed studio wiki … oth_Shield

My tablet see the btshield and can pair with it, but when i open the Bluetooth SPP app it request me the code again after i choose the operation mode. Next the app return in the console the message “Bluetooth serial port connection fail”.

Can you help me to fix this problem?

Thanks, Migui

Hi ,
I have tested with my google nexus , it work fine ,the bluetooth SPP is from google play by Jerry.Li .
Open you bluetooth firstly , and if you connect to Bluetooth Shield , you need to put the code “0000” .And after that , it should be Ok connections .


I do what you suggest to do to me, but the problem still remain. It request me the code when pairing with galaxy tab and after when i select it in bluetooth SPP.
The shield works with Win xp and the code is right.

It can connect to your PC of XP OS ? Maybe is the Bluetooth can not compatible with your Galaxy Tab 2 , please try to connect the Bluetooth Shield to other devices .