Problem with UART WiFi v2 MQTT

Good morning,

I’m trying to use the GROVE UART WiFi v2. I connected it to the grove board (on the UART slot) and this board is connected to an Arduino Uno. I need to

connect to a WiFi network so that I’ll be able to open an MQTT connection over it. For this purpose I cannot send directly AT commands as they’re too low levelled and I need an EspClient instance to interact with the different MQTT libraries. Is there a way to make it work? I’ve already tried with the EspWifi library but it does not recognize the ESP8266 shield. The only way through which I was able to connect with a WiFi network was thanks to the AT+CWJAP command but in my case it seems pretty useless



the grove UART WiFi v2 is used for simplifying your code, so the problem is that this module is not programmable, if you want to use the library of ESP8266, why not use stuff like nodemcu directly?