Problem with Seeeduino Ethernet: sd card will not initialize

I just ordered an received a Seeeduino Ethernet but the bad news is that the sd card will not initialize!
I have TRIED the following:

-Two different MicroSD cards, 2Gig and 8Gig
-Formating with the recomeneded SD Formating tool
-Formating Fat and Fat32
-Coding for CS pin 4 10 and 8
-Standard code on the Wiki, and the sketches that come with Adurino…

Has ANYONE gotten this card to initialize SDs? I am suspect that these cards are bad due that others are posting the same problem on the product page … none have found resolution!

Thanks for responding. This has been driving me crazy. I just got it to work- in frustration with the 4 cards I have tried… I grabbed an OLD cell phone and took out the 128Mb card and it worked. It seems that MOST new SD cards do not work.

From the SDFAT Lib -> "Many newer SD cards have edge detectors and fail with errorCode() = 1. These
cards will not work with resistor level shifters since SdFat does not see the
card at low SPI clock rate. "

It would be REAL cool if Seeed would include a working SD card with this unit… even if they had to up the price a little.

Hello ,
Thanks for you advice , we will consider it .
For you issue of the SD card , maybe you can directly using Arduino SD libraries ,and remember to change the CS pin to 4.