Problem with Seeed CAN BUS shield and Arduino Uno R3

I have a brand new Seeed CAN bus shield, which is connected to Arduino Uno R3 (no other shields connected). I am trying to read just anything from my car’s OBD2 using the “receive” example code, but I get nothing… CAN BUS initialisation is ok (in serial trace) so all connections should be fine, right? But I only have the power led on in my CAN shield, RX and TX leds are completely dead. I did start my car engine.

My OBD2 cable is the one from OBD2 to DB9 cable (search for obd and its the first one). I cannot add a link here it seems…

My car is MY2010 Audi A4, if that makes any difference…

Thanks in advance!

Edit: And I have removed the 60ohm resistor…

Helped him via PMs. His vehicle needed an OBD-II request before it would give out information.

I wan’t to connect my Can-Bus Shield V1.2 to my Skoda Citigo. I connected it through the can terminal. When I use the example code from github the serial monitor only writes out: CAN Bus shield init ok! But nothing else.

I think, the car needs a request too to response any data. I’m new with this technology and I don’t know how to do it. Can someone help me? :wink:

There is a send example and a receive example, you will need to find or make a sketch that will send an OBDII PID request and receive the reply from your vehicle’s ECM. I have not worked on anything dealing with OBDII, thus I am not able to help you much with specifics on the protocol. Anything with the shield, library, or general interfacing, though, I can help.