Problem with milled plated slots in order


I placed an order last week (#105507) of several PCBs, three of which had milled plated slots in.

I have ordered one of these boards from you before and asked yourselves how you’d like the milled plated slots presented on the Gerbers. I did as you asked back then (i.e. the slot outlines in the gts and gbs with a note in text next to them to draw attention to them) and the boards arrived exactly as I intended.

However this new order I received an email from Raymond querying they way the slots were presented, I responded with the details but now my boards are labelled as pending and I’ve had no response back from Raymond for a few days now. I’ve emailed customer service asking for details but again no response.

These boards are quite urgent and as I realise your New Year celebrations are approaching I’d like to get this resolved asap.

If you can’t produce the boards with the current gerbers, in “my account” under the order details I have an opportunity to upload new gerbers, but I need to know exactly how you would like the milled plated slots presented so that this issue can be resolved in the fastest time possible. The slots are basically two large pads on either side of the board with a milled plated slot in the center connecting the two pads.


Raymond will send you the e-mail soon!
Sorry for the inconvenience!