Problem with Grove-NFC

Hi there,

I am working on a project using the NFC Grove Board. In the application I am dealing with, the NFC Grove board and its antenna move lateral while the tags stay in a defined position having a constant distance to the antenna. Measuring the data exchange time (with program ReadTagExtended) results in 210 ms for a NDEF text record “AB”. Furthermore, I measured the needed power to activate the data exchange process and the lateral corridor within which this power is transmitted.

Using these test results, theoretically, the maximum lateral speed can be calculated using velocity = delta position / delta time. Transmitting long records, such as “NFCTESTUNOUNO”, the caculated value pretty much goes along with the tested maximum speed.

Diminishing the number of transmitted bytes, thus shortening the record, results in decreasing data exchange times and thereby increasing maximum lateral speed.
But: If short records, such as “AB” are supposed to be transmitted, the calculated value cannot be reached due to the Arduino Uno gets stuck in the program and needs to be resetted by reopening the serial port monitor.
The Serial port monitor always shows “Re” in this case.

I do not know why the programm just cannot handle a certain speed, obviously, and stops working printing “Re”. In my opinion it should be a problem with the software.

Do you know what could be the reason for it? Or can you give me a hint what I could change to prevent the Arduino from malfunctioning?

Thanks in advance!

Do you mean tags with short message such as “AB” can’t be read properly by Arduino Uno + Grove NFC?