Problem with Grove-NFC and Arduino Uno

Hello !
I’m writing here because I recently bought a Grove NFC and a Base Shield which I would it to work with my Arduino Uno for a school preject.
I followed all indications from the Seeed Studio website (here : and after many tries I finaly get to compil on Arduino Uno without this “error message” : “Didn’t find PN53x board”.

But when I use the example “ReadNFC” from Seeed_Arduino_NFC, and start the Serie Monitor I have :
=> “NDEF Read”
=> Write : 02
And I can’t read my NFC tag…

According to you, why it doesn’t work ?
Thank you for all your help !

What type of NFC card do you have? I’m not sure if there are some incompatibilities.

Hey !
I use a Grove-NFC ( on a Base Shield ( (for Arduino) from Seeed Studio. And obviously my Arduino Uno.
I don’t think this is not compatible because the Seeed Studio tutorial is exactly what I do, but maybe…

Do you have an idea for my problem ? Thank you for your help !