Problem with BLE example code when downgraded to version 1.0.0

Hi - I love the low power aspect of the Seeed Xiao Sense. However, when I have the board upgraded to version 2.6.1 it seems to run the various examples in the wiki, but with current draw of mA range. When I downgrade to board version 1.0.0 I get simple code including analogRead and Serial.print functions to work just fine, and the current draw (from battery) is in the <100 microA range. That’s great. But with the downgraded board version I get errors when trying to use BLE for example. Have I incorrectly set something?

currently, when the Xiao BLE in low power mode, the BLE will be disable

Thanks Jay1206 - do you know can I push the MCU back into high power mode, perform a BLE transmit, and then return back into a low power mode?

I think so, as long as you applied the V1.0.0 board file, the program should be allowed to jump between low power mode and normal mode (with BLE)

I notice that a new board version, 2.7.2 is now available. What are the updates?

2.7.2 fixes a permissions problem that could occur on MacOS.

How can I jump into normal mode, execute BLE functions, and then drop back into low power mode. Can Seeed please provide an example?