Problem with 4A Motor driver SKU:105030004

Hi, I can’t get the 4A Motor driver SKU:105030004 to work properly. First of all the Arduino library included in the wiki does not seems to have the right pinout. Someone posted a new set of pinout on the forum at this address: <LINK_TEXT text=“ … -105030004”></LINK_TEXT> but they does not seem to match the schematic and anyway they dont work properly.

I tried to run the device without the library by setting PWM pin 10 and 11 to HIGH state and the putting control pin 1 to 4 at HIGH or LOW states to control the two output but was unsuccessful. I tried, 1:High , 2:low and 1:low, 2:high.

After a while I decided to solder the EN jumper and to put it in permanent high state and retry everything but this too proved to be inconclusive.

Does someone know more about this module and is whiling to help me getting it to work.

I used arduino UNO and Mega for this.

Thank you

I was able to do what I wanted to do by trying every pin combination. Not the most efficient way but it work for now. Here is a link to the table of combination if someone is interested.

And if someone understand how it work, please let me know.

<LINK_TEXT text=“ … sp=sharing”></LINK_TEXT>

Dear Customer:

Here is the pin definitions:


#define MOTORSHIELD_IN2 11

#define MOTORSHIELD_IN3 12

#define MOTORSHIELD_IN4 13

#define SPEEDPIN_A 9

#define SPEEDPIN_B 10

If you want to use this motor drive with other platform, you can use this motor’s library’s .c .h code as a reference.