problem with 2 I2C sensors

Hello there,

I have the grove sunlight sensor (SI1145) working fine in I2C with the base shield for arduino.

I also have the grove temperature&humidity sensor (High Accuracy & Mini - with TH02) working fine too.

But separatly.

As I plug them together on 2 i2c on the base shield, the SI1145.Begin(); fails and freeze the uno until I unplug the sensor…

They have two different I2C addresses.

Any clue ?

Bonjour de France.


Seems like low current/voltage causing the problem, can you try with a proper power supply and try again.

Temp&humid sensor has 350 µA power consumption.

3.5mA for the Sunslight grove sensor.

I have a 12v 2A power supply + USB on a hub.

Sunlight sensor has 7-bit I2C.

There is no precision for the temp one. Does this mean 10-bit ?

Can it be a problem ?

I know that some librairies enable the internal pull up resistors, some don’t…

Hummm ?

Are all grove sensors compatible together ?

For what ? each other or something else?

Hi all, I have the same kind of problem with TH02 and BMP280, when I using them with in I2c with a Grove I2c Hub.

I’ve seen that when I instantiate the libraries (TH02_dev.h and Seeed_BMP280.h), without connecting any device to the MKR Carrier, the I2C scanning give me the result of 2 devices connected at addresses 0x60 and 0x6B.

When I connect one of them one by one, the addresses are: 0x60, 0x6B, plus the real address of the device (defined in the libraries: 0x40 for TH02 and 0X77 for BMP).

@yragaelg have you solved?