Problem upgrading firmware on xbee

i am having problem upgrading the firmware on my xbee wile using the XBee® Shield V1.1 on a freeduino serial (einth the atmega removed)
thank you arnon

Hi arnonh,

What’s your XBee serials(XB24-B,XBP24-B…etc).
Did you toggle the switches as:
USB_Uart_M…8: toggle to USB side;
D11/12_XBee_Uart: toggle to Uart side;
Did the XBee version need updated?


I am using xbee XB24-ACI-001 (version 1)
and i have trid to update it with the swiches that way

Hi arnonh,
What’s the problem now?
like the picture shows, or X-CTU need to update the firmware?

I am able to communicate with the xbee modem (write/read registers)
but I am not able to upgrade the firmware

yes, the xbee shield is working.
upload the firmware need 2 more wires:
DTR:Pin Sleep Control Line
RTS:Request-to-Send Flow Control

And source file attached:
Xbee_shield_v1.1_source.rar (90.6 KB)

check out this product: … p-495.html

thank you vary much
I was hoping I could do it with the xbee shield
So i will not need to buy another board

Freeduino DTR and RTS is not available.
Both are available on Seeeduino :smiley: