Problem entering DFU mode


I just received my DSO203 and I wanted to upgrade the firmware to the latest version. I tried following the firmware “how to” guide but I’m unable to enter DFU mode. My DSO203 is connected to my computer via USB cable and it’s shutdown. I try opening it with the “>||” button holding it for… a while, but nothing is happening.
What am I suppose to do in this case?

Thank you for your answers!

On MS windows
Power off your DSO203. Connect via USB cable to the PC.
Now, hold down the first button (play/pause) and Power on your DSO203. You should get the USB connected Ding-Dong sound.
A new drive will appear in your computer.
Copy the HEX file to the new drive
After the copy completes, you will hear the Dong-Ding indicating a disconnect
You can power off the DSO203 now.

On powering on again (without pressing the first button), you should be running the new firmware you downloaded (if it was a firmware for slot1)
To run a firmware meant for slot2, press button2 while powering on
To run a firmware meant for slot3, press button3 while powering on
To run a firmware meant for slot4, press button4 while powering on

Hope this helps.

Thank you very much for the support. I’m going to try that as soon as I get home.

I’m not quite sure to understand the meaning of slot 1,2,3,4 for the firmware?
You mean it is possible to install different application or firmware on the same device? When we power on the device we can select wich slot we want to activate?

Yeah, up to 4 applications. But some applications take 2 slots so usually only 3 or 2 different applications. You select the application by holding down a button while turning the device on, see for example the explanation under “Installation and usage”: