Problem compiling with Tuya WiFi

I have a problem compiling code containing a library Tuya WiFi GitHub - tuya/tuya-wifi-mcu-sdk-arduino-library: Tuya MCU SDK Arduino Library is developed based on the Tuya Wi-Fi general integration solution.
The problem is not only with my code but also with the examples
Compiler error:
Arduino: 1.8.18 (Windows 10), Board: “Seeeduino XIAO, Arduino, Off, USART”

C:\Users**\Documents\Arduino\libraries\Tuya_WiFi_MCU_SDK\src\TuyaWifi.cpp: In constructor ‘TuyaWifi::TuyaWifi()’:

C:\Users**\Documents\Arduino\libraries\Tuya_WiFi_MCU_SDK\src\TuyaWifi.cpp:34:33: error: no matching function for call to ‘TuyaUart::set_serial(Serial_*)’



In file included from C:\Users**\Documents\Arduino\libraries\Tuya_WiFi_MCU_SDK\src/TuyaWifi.h:19:0,

             from C:\Users\***\***\\Documents\Arduino\libraries\Tuya_WiFi_MCU_SDK\src\TuyaWifi.cpp:15:

C:\Users**\Documents\Arduino\libraries\Tuya_WiFi_MCU_SDK\src/TuyaUart.h:46:10: note: candidate: void TuyaUart::set_serial(HardwareSerial*)

 void set_serial(TY_UART *serial);


C:\Users**\Documents\Arduino\libraries\Tuya_WiFi_MCU_SDK\src/TuyaUart.h:46:10: note: no known conversion for argument 1 from ‘Serial_’ to 'HardwareSerial

exit status 1

Error compiling for board Seeeduino XIAO.

Moreover, with boards AVR or Raspberry no compilation problems

thanks in advance for any help